Book protagonists and how they lead me to lack of sleep


With all my talk about books, I must start by saying I do have a favorite series, and many others in which I love, and tons of others which I did not care for it (which doesn’t mean anyone is to agree with me. Just…it wasn’t for me, and I get so frustrated then I can’t connect to a book in which I really thought I would love). But that’s all I will say for now because that was not the goal for this entry, and I will have a special post of this series once the last book is out by summer *can’t freaking wait!!!!! *giggles* .
I discovered one of my newest favorite writers, Jennifer Armentrout, and I’m soaking in as many of her titles under Young Adult theme as she can write. I will also talk about her series soon enough because I intended to talk about frustrating leading characters and the painful agony to breathe the same lines as they live, for a lack of better visual.

My personality is…strange. I get it, and I sign on the bottom. I do despise weak female protagonists, who are immature about what they believe or feel. I loathe the ones that go through a book series debating between boys (and I have mentioned my utterly disgust for love triangles and all the reasoning for it, so I will not repeat myself. I hate it so much it infuriates me to even think about it). Currently, I’m reading a very interesting series, within the Universe of JINNS (or… aka Genies), called “A Fire Spirit Novel” by Samantha Young. Fascinating stuff and it’s being fun to learn more about the Jinns….ridiculously evil, cruel, disloyal little bastards. The female protagonist (even though it’s a third person novel) is terrible, to say the least…. for a 18yr old she acts more like a needy 13yrs, with the constant debate over who she loves, or likes, or wants. *drives me balistic*. Then, the kicker! The whole “yes, I love boy A but I don’t think he loves me, but I get all fuzzy inside for boy B and I dont want any girls to have him, but boy A is the love of my life”. That’s why I don’t read in public, because I do come equiped with an arsenal of creative never ending stock of blasphemies which I’m never shy to shout outloud as I read.

Last night I was in this boat ride…..cursing the female protagonist until almost 3am when I had to start working on my own writing to cool me down. I swear to heavens I’m only reading through her freaking pits of hell on fire drama because I’m in love with one of the boys, and the Jinn world is too cool to pass, otherwise I would have burned the book down in between my hands out of pure anger. That simple. Whatever emotions TV and people’s interaction doesn’t bring me, it comes blasting three-folded with the books. Go figure…. there is a fire to melt every ice, as I’m coming to find out mine.

With that out of my system….. I’ve learned so much with the books I’ve read in the past few months, the characters I met, the fiction boys/creatures which will forever kill the chances of any real human could ever provide me *LOL*, and discovered parts of me in each of them.
The say “I’m a reader, not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many”, and that is one of the life mottos I take with me. Books are friends who helps you befriend yourself in an entire different way. It teaches you about yourself; it makes you comfortable being alone with who you are; and it gives a silent comfort of constant voices. There is no greater magic then knowing yourSELF.

– Mythos


Last few days and…let’s see the LIGHT


      Let’s see….. the past 24hrs have being super busy for me *Thank all the Gods out there!* and I have being meaning to write a little more about all the great stuff I have being reading, which I’ve come to learn, fall in love with, and be taken to some awesome adventures with those books. I also will share some of my other side, with spirituality and things of such nature. For those who have no idea of what that could be, take it with an open heart. It’s one cool ride! I do not claim to be under the wings of a single religion, as I have come to the understanding they are all connected in ways. Find what it feels right for you, and that’s the path you should always take.

      But, for today, I will share a thought from May of last year….why? Just because I felt like doing so 😉 It kind of connects my post of Light and Dark. I do love the duality and complement of the charges. Can’t help it.

      Dark doesn’t become without Light, and Light doesn’t become without Dark. Asking to see the Light is asking to be blind with the pain of seeing nothing but what IS, and if the eyes are coming from the Dark, the pain is even more intense. The eyes will get use to it, and the discomfort will disappear. The Universe always brings what we ask for, and the truth can be a blinding Light.
               That’s why the say the famous words ‘be careful with what you with for’.




Me, myself and books


     In the technology era, when I meet others who still enjoy reading books (and specially the actual books, not digital format) it feels almost like a breath of fresh air.  Even though I’m only 2 years a part from my younger brother, that was enough of a gap to separate his digital self, with my ‘book-nerding/bookworm’ one. After an uncalled outcome of a situation which brought me away from home for over three months, books – literally- saved my life from a complete depressive gust of bitterness in my surroundings and the ever so freaking pits of hell on fire boredom of each day.

    Raised with books, I remember always hanging our in the school library, indulging myself with the big history and natural science encyclopedias. I did learn a lot of random things, which are always a great addition to a conversation. But then, a few days ago I was thinking to myself: why books and not TV? Everyone was telling me to watch TV, which I really despise in the highest level, no offense. We just don’t have a tune in channel, I guess *LOL*. I watch a few TV shows, movies and anime but all in my laptop. The TV had always had a history of complete disconnection with my life. Nowadays, even watching a movie, most of the time I don’t ‘see it’. They passed through me emotionlessness. Now… all those emotions I don’t feel with Mr. TV I get when reading books, including talking to myself – hey, nothing wrong with that! There are many voices in my head and we are all cool.

    What is came to my was : ‘I dont want someone to tell me how to see. I want to see it with my own eyes, with my heart’. That was such a profound way for me to understand it myself , and how to explain this to those around me. So…yeap people, keep your TV, I’m cool with my books, and falling in love with all the different fictional chacters I can never have in the “real life” which is utterly frustrating, but…again…reality is a relative concept. (*winck*)

     Tomorrow I go back home. They say knowledge weights a lot, and…trust me…. 27 books later….all divided between my backpack and my laptop bag, it sure as hell makes it heavy. I could have mailed them to me, sure, but Im too emotionally attached to my companions of so many months, and I feel the need to have then with me. I will post short comments of my thoughts about the things I’ve read, what was worth it, of course.


The Light and Dark, the Good and Evil.


         … The Light and Dark, the Good and Evil …

     I have always being fascinated by the nature of duality. In the beginning, when I was still learning about energies and the Universe, I was intimidated by the attraction of learning more about the darker arts – not that I would ever use it, for I am light and will always be- …. but I also have dark, and I’ve learned its not a solid line that separate the two, but the two faces of a single coin. I’ve learned we can use the dark for a good cause, we can use it to empower us as long as your intentions are placed under the correct charge.

     Light is nothing but the very end where there is no more shadows; dark is nothing but the very end where there is a minimal present of light. In the end, they are each other, and they are not.

     I embrace both natures in me, comfortably, knowing I am complete, which causes much discomfort for many people around me and…honestly….I don’t care. We have one life to apply all out intentions, and I want to use mine in my own accords, and not what the world, society or my family dictates. We are born to be unique. Don’t be afraid to be yourSELF!

                              – Mythos

Aw…. the Love triangles and other geometrical shapes.


Once I said I loved YA books, this little detail seems to be part of a good 99% of the stories under this genre: love triangles!

Before the world cast its rage on me for expressing my opinion on it…. I remind you its MY opinion, and you don’t have to agree *giggles*.

I….. despise, detest, hate, loathe [insert all other negative words and profanities in here] love triangles but …in the YA novels – for the good heaven’s sake of hell’s fire pit from promoting immaturity and insecurity when “loving someone” is set to a protagonist – have this thing for it. If you love someone, you stick with it/him/her. The moment you gravitate towards another person that means you were not in love with the first one to begin with. It looks simple, sounds simple, but its not dramatic enough. I know. I will be a boring writer when my day comes. I hate the love indecision. It should never have to this this trivial but, hey, that’s just me.
And….despite all this major weight in the YA stories…. I still love it, because most of the time the other elements definitely cover up for the stupid love geometrical shapes that was created.

– Mythos
(random thought I should add: I’m not an expert in writing. I do it for fun. English is not my native language though the predominant one in my mind. Still, I suffer from the lack of structure from some basics, specially they way I punctuate things. Well… some words are going to sound strange, and sometimes I type too fast and funny things happen. LOL just, please, bare with me in the ride!)