Me, myself and books


     In the technology era, when I meet others who still enjoy reading books (and specially the actual books, not digital format) it feels almost like a breath of fresh air.  Even though I’m only 2 years a part from my younger brother, that was enough of a gap to separate his digital self, with my ‘book-nerding/bookworm’ one. After an uncalled outcome of a situation which brought me away from home for over three months, books – literally- saved my life from a complete depressive gust of bitterness in my surroundings and the ever so freaking pits of hell on fire boredom of each day.

    Raised with books, I remember always hanging our in the school library, indulging myself with the big history and natural science encyclopedias. I did learn a lot of random things, which are always a great addition to a conversation. But then, a few days ago I was thinking to myself: why books and not TV? Everyone was telling me to watch TV, which I really despise in the highest level, no offense. We just don’t have a tune in channel, I guess *LOL*. I watch a few TV shows, movies and anime but all in my laptop. The TV had always had a history of complete disconnection with my life. Nowadays, even watching a movie, most of the time I don’t ‘see it’. They passed through me emotionlessness. Now… all those emotions I don’t feel with Mr. TV I get when reading books, including talking to myself – hey, nothing wrong with that! There are many voices in my head and we are all cool.

    What is came to my was : ‘I dont want someone to tell me how to see. I want to see it with my own eyes, with my heart’. That was such a profound way for me to understand it myself , and how to explain this to those around me. So…yeap people, keep your TV, I’m cool with my books, and falling in love with all the different fictional chacters I can never have in the “real life” which is utterly frustrating, but…again…reality is a relative concept. (*winck*)

     Tomorrow I go back home. They say knowledge weights a lot, and…trust me…. 27 books later….all divided between my backpack and my laptop bag, it sure as hell makes it heavy. I could have mailed them to me, sure, but Im too emotionally attached to my companions of so many months, and I feel the need to have then with me. I will post short comments of my thoughts about the things I’ve read, what was worth it, of course.



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