Book protagonists and how they lead me to lack of sleep


With all my talk about books, I must start by saying I do have a favorite series, and many others in which I love, and tons of others which I did not care for it (which doesn’t mean anyone is to agree with me. Just…it wasn’t for me, and I get so frustrated then I can’t connect to a book in which I really thought I would love). But that’s all I will say for now because that was not the goal for this entry, and I will have a special post of this series once the last book is out by summer *can’t freaking wait!!!!! *giggles* .
I discovered one of my newest favorite writers, Jennifer Armentrout, and I’m soaking in as many of her titles under Young Adult theme as she can write. I will also talk about her series soon enough because I intended to talk about frustrating leading characters and the painful agony to breathe the same lines as they live, for a lack of better visual.

My personality is…strange. I get it, and I sign on the bottom. I do despise weak female protagonists, who are immature about what they believe or feel. I loathe the ones that go through a book series debating between boys (and I have mentioned my utterly disgust for love triangles and all the reasoning for it, so I will not repeat myself. I hate it so much it infuriates me to even think about it). Currently, I’m reading a very interesting series, within the Universe of JINNS (or… aka Genies), called “A Fire Spirit Novel” by Samantha Young. Fascinating stuff and it’s being fun to learn more about the Jinns….ridiculously evil, cruel, disloyal little bastards. The female protagonist (even though it’s a third person novel) is terrible, to say the least…. for a 18yr old she acts more like a needy 13yrs, with the constant debate over who she loves, or likes, or wants. *drives me balistic*. Then, the kicker! The whole “yes, I love boy A but I don’t think he loves me, but I get all fuzzy inside for boy B and I dont want any girls to have him, but boy A is the love of my life”. That’s why I don’t read in public, because I do come equiped with an arsenal of creative never ending stock of blasphemies which I’m never shy to shout outloud as I read.

Last night I was in this boat ride…..cursing the female protagonist until almost 3am when I had to start working on my own writing to cool me down. I swear to heavens I’m only reading through her freaking pits of hell on fire drama because I’m in love with one of the boys, and the Jinn world is too cool to pass, otherwise I would have burned the book down in between my hands out of pure anger. That simple. Whatever emotions TV and people’s interaction doesn’t bring me, it comes blasting three-folded with the books. Go figure…. there is a fire to melt every ice, as I’m coming to find out mine.

With that out of my system….. I’ve learned so much with the books I’ve read in the past few months, the characters I met, the fiction boys/creatures which will forever kill the chances of any real human could ever provide me *LOL*, and discovered parts of me in each of them.
The say “I’m a reader, not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many”, and that is one of the life mottos I take with me. Books are friends who helps you befriend yourself in an entire different way. It teaches you about yourself; it makes you comfortable being alone with who you are; and it gives a silent comfort of constant voices. There is no greater magic then knowing yourSELF.

– Mythos



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