Last few days and…let’s see the LIGHT


      Let’s see….. the past 24hrs have being super busy for me *Thank all the Gods out there!* and I have being meaning to write a little more about all the great stuff I have being reading, which I’ve come to learn, fall in love with, and be taken to some awesome adventures with those books. I also will share some of my other side, with spirituality and things of such nature. For those who have no idea of what that could be, take it with an open heart. It’s one cool ride! I do not claim to be under the wings of a single religion, as I have come to the understanding they are all connected in ways. Find what it feels right for you, and that’s the path you should always take.

      But, for today, I will share a thought from May of last year….why? Just because I felt like doing so 😉 It kind of connects my post of Light and Dark. I do love the duality and complement of the charges. Can’t help it.

      Dark doesn’t become without Light, and Light doesn’t become without Dark. Asking to see the Light is asking to be blind with the pain of seeing nothing but what IS, and if the eyes are coming from the Dark, the pain is even more intense. The eyes will get use to it, and the discomfort will disappear. The Universe always brings what we ask for, and the truth can be a blinding Light.
               That’s why the say the famous words ‘be careful with what you with for’.





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