Alchemy: brief meaning


The evolution of the human mind. May people have the inaccurate idea that for thousands of years in the past we lived under the covers of ignorance. Although we had limited resources in technology, we played a respectful role in the creative processes involving making sense of the world around us. Records continue to prove that the human psyche was at a premium high during the antiquity.
Extinction can also occur in school of thoughts, such as Alchemy, which was split into parts, becoming their own different subjects. A narrow understanding of Alchemy would guide most to think it was sole a mystical practice that attempted the transmutation of metals into gold. That could not be furthest from the truth. Alchemy was a complex study of science and philosophy, embedded with much diversity of symbolism which are still topic of arguments for their possible interpretative meanings.
In short, the true soul of Alchemy consists in describing the process of the transformation of the human soul through by using a rich variety of allegories and symbolism. It composes a guide for the purification of the mind, body and soul.

– Mythos

alchemical wheel


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