The “I’m Tired Project”


” I’m Tired Project” (find them on different social medias).

I cannot believe it took me this long to hear about it. I have not read all their stories yet but I will get to read as many as I can. I have sent them an email asking if they had covered any stories about “I’m tired of people telling me that I’m broken because I don’t want to be in a relationship right now”, meaning: the great little assumptions people make when you are just an independent person with different goals, outside the box, and you hear “I need to FIX you with my friend”, and then it starts escalating to “or….can I just ask you something? Are you a homosexual?” (Which is an absurd assumption but it often comes out in conversations…), and closing with “then, you might want to see a doctor. I think you hame hormonal problems” (what?? Because I have chosen to not be in a relationship?)

I m an Anthropologist and Historian, besides been connected with the “energy world” (studying meditation and modalities of what people might call new age cults, including the pagan traditions of the past). Once, a mentor told me I was “normal”, and asked me “what are we? Are we the product our the words of our parents? Are we the product of what society shapes us into believing it is the framework of how each gender should be and behave like? Are you even allowing yourself to hear our own thoughts and voices? Don’t be afraid to break the box. Not all of us are meant to life inside of it”. This changed my life to be the additional strength I needed to cope with the world around me.

Love, as in the romantic sense, means very little to me because it has become shallow, …weak. Most people seek the ‘easy’ and not the ‘meaningful’. Most people seek a relationship because society tells them that it is what you should be doing. AT this point in time we are no longer an agricultural society that depends on procreating in order the survive. We are in a point where the individual can be its unique, independent self.

I invite people to check this project.




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