Bio: Let's see... book lover, very active creative mind, living in a world where nothing and all belongs, much magic and spiritual thoughts.... life can be an awesome adventure. Taking my hobbie of reading, sharing book titles and my views on them became a new adventure, addint to some casual posts of life and thoughts, and some spiritual inspirations.... Book-world: I love young adult novels -though I hate and loathe love triangles. My favorite themes and elements are magic, fantasy, witches, vampires, angels, demons, Gods, deities, creatures e off we go on the trip! I share MY personal opinion, my spiritual believes and experiences. We all got one, lets use it respectfully, and I don't expect or force anyone to agree with me, to think like me, or that my opinion is better than any other. Definitely not. I enjoy diversity of people and cultures, reflecting my background in Anthropology. -pictures posted here are not mine, and I have no copyright from it. They were based on internet search and if I have the name of the artist I will gladly share as I respect their works.

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