The Light and Dark, the Good and Evil.


         … The Light and Dark, the Good and Evil …

     I have always being fascinated by the nature of duality. In the beginning, when I was still learning about energies and the Universe, I was intimidated by the attraction of learning more about the darker arts – not that I would ever use it, for I am light and will always be- …. but I also have dark, and I’ve learned its not a solid line that separate the two, but the two faces of a single coin. I’ve learned we can use the dark for a good cause, we can use it to empower us as long as your intentions are placed under the correct charge.

     Light is nothing but the very end where there is no more shadows; dark is nothing but the very end where there is a minimal present of light. In the end, they are each other, and they are not.

     I embrace both natures in me, comfortably, knowing I am complete, which causes much discomfort for many people around me and…honestly….I don’t care. We have one life to apply all out intentions, and I want to use mine in my own accords, and not what the world, society or my family dictates. We are born to be unique. Don’t be afraid to be yourSELF!

                              – Mythos


Aw…. the Love triangles and other geometrical shapes.


Once I said I loved YA books, this little detail seems to be part of a good 99% of the stories under this genre: love triangles!

Before the world cast its rage on me for expressing my opinion on it…. I remind you its MY opinion, and you don’t have to agree *giggles*.

I….. despise, detest, hate, loathe [insert all other negative words and profanities in here] love triangles but …in the YA novels – for the good heaven’s sake of hell’s fire pit from promoting immaturity and insecurity when “loving someone” is set to a protagonist – have this thing for it. If you love someone, you stick with it/him/her. The moment you gravitate towards another person that means you were not in love with the first one to begin with. It looks simple, sounds simple, but its not dramatic enough. I know. I will be a boring writer when my day comes. I hate the love indecision. It should never have to this this trivial but, hey, that’s just me.
And….despite all this major weight in the YA stories…. I still love it, because most of the time the other elements definitely cover up for the stupid love geometrical shapes that was created.

– Mythos
(random thought I should add: I’m not an expert in writing. I do it for fun. English is not my native language though the predominant one in my mind. Still, I suffer from the lack of structure from some basics, specially they way I punctuate things. Well… some words are going to sound strange, and sometimes I type too fast and funny things happen. LOL just, please, bare with me in the ride!)